Winter Texans

Gulf Shores for your Winter Stays!

Gulf Shores has a private boardwalk to the beach and all of our condos face the ocean. Each condo is fully equipped to handle any of your travel needs so that you can worry only about your suitcases. Each floor is accessible via the elevator with stairs at the ends of each hallway. Need maid service? Gulf Shores has a fully staffed front desk that can help you schedule a cleaning, help answer your questions about the local area and show you around the resort. 


Texas sunshine in Port Aransas during the cold months is a great idea of an escape for northerners who choose to migrate south. Port Aransas and North Padre Island are great spots to land for Winter Texan visitors and Snowbirds. Between miles of empty beaches and wonderful sunrises, Gulf Shores Condominiums has a the perfect condo for a Winter Texan looking to stay beachfront with amenities that make the experience all worth while.

The private boardwalk to the beach offers exclusive beach access along with a perfect sun deck for visiting and overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Just inside, Gulf Shores has a large rec room where you can sit and read a book, enjoy other Winter Texans company and play games as a group. The staff at Gulf Shores organizes weekly activities for the Winter Texan residents, making it a fun and exciting atmosphere. 

Have more questions? Call our friendly and knowledgable front desk! We hope to be your winter home for years to come.